Your Child Deserves To Do Better In School!
and the best time to start is right now.


I’m the Scarsdale Tutor. I’m here and I’m ready to help. I specialize in helping elementary school students excel in reading and math, and my particular focus is in helping boys with writing, school organization and ADHD.

Your child deserves a certified teacher, someone with real experience in unlocking his or her potential. After years of tutoring, I’ve discovered the real problem is in organization, practice and focus, not in whether the kid is smart enough.

I only take on ten students. And I organize my schedule around yours, so your child can get the attention and consistent focus he or she needs.

I meet with the student for an hour each week and then I’m available all week for unlimited phone calls, email and web help with your child. If he’s willing to work, so am I.

Working together, we can unlock the potential that’s already there and discover the secret to not just doing well in school, but in actually learning. This is a skill for life and I can help.

My name is Patti Jo Wilson and I’m the Scarsdale Tutor. I’d like to help. I hope you’ll write or call.